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iOS Personal Project - Andy Mindler


iOS Personal Project : PROXY DRONE

ROLE: Everything

USED: Unity3D, Cinema4D, Photoshop

In my free time I create my own games using Unity and C#. One game that I worked on was an iphone SHMUP. The game was put on hold once I joined Visual Concepts (2K Sports) as I didn't have enough time to properly dedicate to the project.


I had originall intended upgrades to be a tree and node based system and had designed many of the elemnts out and created an in-engine mockup. After testing it out on the phone it became apparent that the small screen (at the time it was iPhone 5's which were fairly small by today's standards) and touch based controls were not well suited for the intricacies of the node system.

Touch screens don't have hover states and easy to see context windows from hover, this made the node tree fairly obtuse and combersome to use when trying to make decisions.


After some testing and re-designing, I found that scrolling lists were a far more user friendly approach to the upgrade menus. Players could quickly glean information about each upgrade and make decisions with only a few swipes and a tap rather than digging through multiple layers of modal boxes.


Selected Works

NBA2K21-22NBA2K UI Team

NBA2K17Game UI / UX

SOSGame UI / UX & Branding

NBA2K18Game UI

NBA2K16Game UI / UX

Tower Defense GameGame Design