ROLE: UI/UX, Concept Design, Motion, 3D, Lighting

USED: Proprietary Engine, Maya, Cinema4D

For NBA 2K17, I was able to play a wide range of roles for the game, parts where I worked in close collaboration with our Art Director and parts where I was able to play a role of lead designer.

As a UI/UX designer on the team, I created the concepts, establishing a cohesive style and branding of the UI and menu systems throughout the game, and helped implement the final designs. In addition, I did concepts and then created a main menu environment and overlays for the UI to sit within. This included modeling, lighting, and creating the motion for all of the flows throughout the main menu environment. 

For the character creator flows I lead the design work to establish the UI as well as the UX flows for the menu systems, working closely with our Engineers to implement the 3D characters and make them customizable.



NBA2K21-22NBA2K UI Team

NBA2K17Game UI / UX

SOSGame UI / UX & Branding

NBA2K18Game UI

NBA2K16Game UI / UX

MotionGame Motion

Tower Defense GameGame Design

Sci-Fi Unity Personal ProjectsUI + UX + Game Design + Game Development