NBA2K21 & NBA2K22 - UI

ROLE: UI Team Contract
DISCIPLINES: UI, UX, Concept Design, Motion, 3D, Lighting
SOFTWARE: Proprietary Engine, Maya, Cinema4D, Substance Painter

For NBA2K21 I rejoined the UI Team as a remote contractor in February of 2020 and ended up being the template for the studio on how to best work from home once the lockdowns started from the pandemic. 

For both 2K21 & 22 I joined around the same time, February, and joined at the tail end of the look dev process and primarily helped ramp up production and produce as many screens as possible before the game launched.

I was fortunate to have the opportunity to help create the assets for the MyTeam card game portion of the game, doing high resolution modeling and sculpting in Cinema4D and baking down to low res in-game models and creating material maps in Substance Painter.

I also worked to create the motion style for various elements.

Although the team worked under extremely difficult conditions, we managed to finish NBA2K21 out on time to be a launch title for the PS5 and XBox Series X and even managed to meet our normal annual release time of a September release for 2K22. 


Although this gray and red wavy panel doesn't look particularly special, this is what it looked like in our UI tool. It really came to life when it's various textures were dynamically colored to match team colors. The panel is large so it can be positioned and scaled to create unique and interesting shapes for differing backgrounds, even when it could be paired right next to another instance of itself and it would still look unique.



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