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Proxy-Scavenger : Game Dev Exploration

Proxy-Scavenger is a first person survival adventure game I worked on for a long while in my spare time that was about repairing broken down spaceships and recovering parts for money. The idea was that you'd explore randomly generated spaceship interiors and face environments with various issues such as excess heat or radiation and have to manage your survival and repair materials to adequately repair a ship or harvest working parts. You would then use the money earned to upgrade your ship, suit, tools, or buy spare parts to help with repairs.

Everything was placeholder as it was mostly about exploring mechanics and seeing if I could get things to work and if so, were they interesting or fun.

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Rogue-like Game Jam

This is a Rogue-like RPG I originally created in 7 days, then spent an extra month on it dropping in some kit bashed art. It has a working inventory system, proc gen items / loot, skills / attacks, enemies with simple AI, and an experience and leveling system. The map is procedurally generated as well.

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Pixel Art : Game Jam Work

Over the years i've had the privaledge to work with a great group of people that we are collectively known as Radmars. All of our games can be played in browser and found at radmars.com

Some of the projects i've been able to contribute to are Grim Gateway, Micromancer, and Flesh Mess.

Below are some examples of work i've done for those projects!

Here's a timelapse of my work on Grim Gateway showing off some of my contributions to the project which included concepts, pixel art, and pixel animation.

Grim Gateway Pixel Art Contributions

Title Screen:

Good Ending Screen:

Bad Ending Screen:

Death Screen:

Art Tests:

Flesh Mess :

Main Menu Screen

Health-bar Sprite-sheet

Destructible World Objects

Fail Screen

Win Screen

Concept Art:

Health Bar Concept

Micromancer Pixel Art Contributions